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Sunday Worship, 9:30AM and 6:00PM

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Watch Our Services

Watch Our Services

Stay connected and worship with us!

First Christian Reformed Church offers two viewing options to keep up with our worship services "LIVE" as they are happening, and/or you can access past services anytime!  



*Choose the "LIVE STREAMING" link to watch our church worship services direct from the website.  Click the play button when the church service begins.
*The live streaming page will also store previous sermons for an indefinite amount of time.  Choose the "Watch Videos" link (toward the bottom of the page), then scroll through the list and click on the video that you’d like to watch.




*If you have a Roku device, you may use the following link on your home computer to set-up First CRC's Roku Channel to watch services via your Roku device.  The channel code for First CRC is:  firstcrcrv.  To add the channel to your Roku device, go to the following website and follow the steps that are prompted:  You will need to login with your personal Roku User ID and Password, so please have that available when prompted. 
(These instructions are only needed for the initial set-up of the Roku Channel onto your device.  After you have completed these initial set-up instructions, you can then access the services direct from your First CRC Roku Channel going forward.)
*Once your First CRC Roku Chanel is established, you can view current and past worship services anytime.