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Sunday Worship, 9:30AM and 6:00PM

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In Focus at First CRC


We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ. We believe that the church exists for the glory of God and that people were made for the purpose of having a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

As believers, we strive to glorify God through worship, singing and praying together, hearing His Word preached and serving each other and our community. 

If you are looking for a church or simply interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, please consider visiting, calling or sending us a note. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you!

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Dependence in Independence

This month, we as a nation celebrate the 4th of July as a symbol of our nation's sovereign independence which began in 1776. Since that time we have been seen by the rest of the world as different. We as a nation have stood out, because we are willing to stand up, lend our aid, and promote freedom around the world. We have lived in a nation that has experienced the blessings of God in commerce, worship, and governance, because of our dependence on him. It might seem strange to talk about our dependence on the day we celebrate our independence, but it is important to keep in mind. For even as we are independent from being ruled by another nation, we still need to be dependent on God. Our dependence on God is like that of the branches of a tree and the outs... continue reading

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