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COVID-19 Crisis
Sunday Worship, 9:30AM and 6:00PM

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In Focus at First CRC


We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ. We believe that the church exists for the glory of God and that people were made for the purpose of having a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

As believers, we strive to glorify God through worship, singing and praying together, hearing His Word preached and serving each other and our community. 

If you are looking for a church or simply interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, please consider visiting, calling or sending us a note. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you!

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The Fog is Lifting

This morning as I look outside, the sun is beginning to shine fully, the fog is lifting and the dew is thick everywhere. This is not only a classic sight of the spring moving into summer, but particularly this year, it is a sight that captures the essence of what we as a nation corporately, and ourselves individually, have been going through the past 11 weeks. As it seems each day, the fog surrounding COVID-19 is lifting a bit more so that the light and truth of what it is and what it isn't begins to be seen with greater clarity for which we are thankful. But even among the clarity, there is still much to understand and wade through, just as there is in walking through the field or the lawn in the dew of the morning. The more we walk, the further and the wetter w... continue reading

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Morning Worship Service

Online and Deacon District Ke-Me


Evening Worship Service

Online and Deacon District Mi-VanG

JUN 14

Morning Worship Service

Online and Deacon District VanH-Vande

JUN 14

Evening Worship Service

Online and Deacon District Vanden-Z

JUN 21

Father's Day

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