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Continuing Guatemala Support

If you are interested in donating to the Guatemala mission work, please contact Deb Hoekstra or Deb Van't Hul.  

  • Deb Hoekstra - 712-470-0900
  • Deb Van't Hul - 712-470-4360


Some notes on sponsorships from Bethel Ministries: If you sponsor a family with food they recommend 6 months to a year. if you sponsor a student to go to school, they would like you to sponsor that child until they graduate.


Guatemala extra needs (February group):
Wilmar - Single father who has four children and drives a taxi. He has a son with special needs that came to our wheelchair distribution and received a chair.  3 kids need school sponsorships:

  • Victor (14) $50/monthly
  • Yuviris (12) $50/monthly
  • Amanda (8) $25/monthly


Adan - Grandfather living with his two adult daughters who are single mothers and seven grandchildren. Adan had a badly broken ankle when we were there, so he was unable to work. Mothers wash clothes for other people to earn a little money.

  • food bag $50/monthly for a year
  • small capital investment for tamale business - $1000
    • materials include: small building in front of house to cook and sell food, Stove, Cooking supplies, Food supplies.


Jaqueline - lives with her sister Nataly, and they have 4 children between them.

  • formula supply for 1 year $80/monthly
  • $150 to pay off debt from c-section
  • set of Bethel beds $300


Marta Ixcoy - lives with her two daughters and four grandchildren

  • needs insulin $100/monthly
  • needs sewing machine fixed $50


Ofelia Rosales - Single mother with five children

  • food bag $50/monthly for a year


Josepha Atuluchan Lopez - lives with her husband Cesar, and six children. Their family plays worship music in churches.

  • they have $500 in loans they need help paying off
  • food bag $50/monthly
  • dreams are to have their own instruments (prices pending if anyone is interested in helping buy the instruments)