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"Seeking Jesus"

November 15, 2023
By The Wheeled Worshiper

“Seeking Jesus”
    An ongoing war in Israel, a political cycle at home, people fighting for equal work and equal pay, these are just some of the things that are playing out in our nation and world today. Bills that need to be paid, deadlines that need to be met, children that need to be taken care of, these are just a few of the many things that are playing out on the home front of many people’s lives today. I’m sure each of us could add their own items to the list, items that we are constantly thinking about, praying about and wondering about. It is in these moments where it’s hard to follow the title of this column and “seek Jesus.” How can we do that when our lives are so filled with the world and the immediate tasks in front of us? How can we seek Jesus when he seems so far away from our daily lives?
    One important thing to remember is that Jesus is closer than you think. He is a friend that “sticks closer than a brother.” That doesn’t change regardless if you are going through a valley or are reaching a mountaintop in your life. That doesn’t change if you have been plugged into him and his word daily or if you have drifted away from him. As Jesus remains closer, so does his Word. It can be found in the book on your desk, the phone or other device you’re constantly on and it can also be found in your heart, remembering the words that have been a part of your life that may have been pushed aside or forgotten about until recently.
    Jesus is waiting for us to find him and return to him once again. He is waiting for us to renew that connection that we had with him. This takes constant maintenance every day. Yes, we may be attached but how strong is the attachment? Are we putting God at a distance while we try to figure out earthly problems on our own or are we stuck like glue to the heart of the heavenly father through his son Jesus Christ? This is not a double checking of our salvation, it is a more of a reconnecting even more closely to our heavenly father, his son our brother, and the work and power of the Holy Spirit. There’s always room for us to get closer and Christ will always welcome us into a deeper relationship with him.
    No matter where you are today and no matter what earthly pressures may be pulling you today, continue to seek Jesus. He is ultimately seeking you. When you find each other, you can grasp onto his tender love for you, his ultimate loyalty to you, his death and resurrection done for you. In doing so, you can hold the line and pass it along to someone else, someone who unknowingly may be also seeking Jesus. This isn’t some heavenly game of hide and seek, Jesus wants to be found and he desires to have a relationship with us. Turn to him, continue to seek him even now, even in the midst of a world and life which may seem untethered. Seek Jesus and you will find him, call on him and he will answer. May seeking him become our hearts’ desire, our soul focus and ultimately our greatest joy and reward.

The Wheeled Worshiper