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"Leap With The Lord"

March 08, 2024
By The Wheeled Worshiper

    When we look back on 2024, it may be special for many different people for many different reasons. Perhaps some will change careers to a job that they loved and have always wanted. Perhaps your relationship status changes from single to married or even perhaps married to widow or widower. It is safe to say that even if those categories don’t fit any of the events of your life you should be able to look back on 2024 and see change.
    One of the unique things about 2024 is that it is a leap year. What is a leap year? Glad you asked, because I didn’t exactly know either. By definition, a leap year happens every four years when an extra day is added to the calendar. For some of us, we would welcome the next day. Others dread the extra day and want to turn the calendar to March. Whatever the case, it is a day that God has given us to use for his glory. What a unique opportunity we have!
    The common thought and belief as we walk in this world is that every day should be used for God’s glory regardless of any quirks of the calendar. I believe this to be true and I will admit that I don’t often do my best with this opportunity. With this extra day added in the month of February, what a great reminder that we have been given to make every day count, even those that only appear on the calendar every four years!
    As I think about this occurrence in the calendar, it causse me to wonder: would I do anything different with the “extra day”? Would I be more conscious of the opportunities that are available before me or what I treat it like just another day? What would you do? What could God have in store for me and you, on this day and even on an extra day during a leap year?
    The interesting part is that we do not know what God has in store. We can have 10 straight days where we feel like we are living a “normal life” and then we can have one moment on the 11th day where things changed for better or for worse., So no matter if it is a leap year or regular year, God is still in control. He controls each day, the actions and inactions by people including us.
    Whatever the calendar says whether there is a leap year involved or not, we can take every day and “leap with the Lord.” We can leap in his strength and power because without that we would be nowhere. We can leap in the Holy Spirit trusting him to lead and guide us. We can leap and remain on the promises of God given to us through his son and his word. No matter what the calendar says we can leap forward in Christ and hold on to his strength no matter what may come our way. What a great reminder and hope we have!

The Wheeled Worshiper