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First Blog



Wearing our Christianity

March 15, 2017
By The Wheeled Worshiper

Every March 17 you are encouraged to wear green. The reason for this is because it is St. Patrick's Day. If you don't wear green, you may get a pinch or two from those who celebrate the holiday. It's a unique way to show how we celebrate. And you'd be amazed to see the different colors of green that people come up with. It's like you're in a field of grass.

Like March 17 is an opportunity for us to wear green, we as Christians have the opportunity to wear something every day. It doesn't show up in the color wheel, and we don't get a pinch for if we aren't wearing it. We have the opportunity to let it show every day. I'm talking about the opportunity that we have to "wear Christianity."

It should be as comfortable to us as a warm sweater that we always wear. We should be aware of its patches and holes, as areas where we've been tested and tried. Though the fabric may weaken, the sweater still remains. So too should our Christianity no matter what we go through in life. We should take comfort in its familiarity and hope that that shows to everyone else as well.

Do you feel that this "sweater" is worthless to you? Is it time for it to go in the trash? Just because your "sweater of faith" may be worn and old doesn't mean that it still can't function. Even the oldest sweaters can still provide the warmth that we need. The oldest and most often told stories about our life in Christ can start the spark of a new relationship with him for someone else.

Christianity never gets old, and the fact that we are Christians never does either. Memories may fade and decades may fly past, but the love of God remains. As we "wear our Christianity", the story continuously gets told. May we all be ready to tell the story of Christ. May it be so evident that people can see it on us just as if we were wearing it on our sleeves.

We have no reason to be afraid that our "sweater of faith" will become unwearable. It will continue to grow with us as we continue to grow. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to share some of that "fabric" with others, so that they themselves can create their own "sweater."

Stay warm in your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. Let his love and fellowship cover you every day. He has promised to remain in us, if we remain in him. That's great comfort than any old sweater could ever give. I challenge us all to "wear Christ" today and every day. As we "wear" him, may we be an example to all as they see Christ living in us.

The Wheeled Worshiper