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Thought Prayers

February 15, 2020
By The Wheeled Worshiper

I think as Christians we all can safely say that prayer is an important and vital part of our lives. This is not only shown in the amount of time we pray throughout the day, such as mealtimes, before bed, or when we start the day. But it's also shown in the amount of times that the Bible mentions prayer, and has the majority of the characters found in the book, offering prayer and praises to God on a regular basis. This is an attitude and idea that I think many of us have accepted and applied to our daily lives and it is one that I think should continue to grow as we do in our faith.

We all know that prayers can be done anywhere not just at the church building, at school, or at home around the table. Prayers can be done in the car on the ride to work, in the doctor's office, and on the job site. These prayers while possibly short still carry the same meaning and power, and we still have the understanding that God will hear any prayer that is uttered.

I have learned also that as you continue to grow older you have a myriad of thoughts that run through your brain each day. These can be thoughts such as "I hope my relatives made it back home on the bad roads," or "I hope that my editor has the right words to describe what I am trying to write in his articles." No matter the person, almost all of us have these thoughts during the day. I think that the most challenging and unique thing about these thoughts is the idea that you can turn them into prayers.

Now some might say, "These are just thoughts. This isn't a full-fledged prayer. What can God do with it?" I trust that Many of us can attest to what God has done with these thoughts. First of all, he allows us, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to turn them into prayers towards him. They may start out as thoughts, but with the Holy Spirit nudging us along, they become perhaps some of the most heartfelt prayers that we have ever uttered. This is not to say that these prayers rank higher on God's list of priorities. All prayers are equal in the eyes of God. However, perhaps these prayers carry more of the passion, devotion, and complete confidence in our heavenly father to help us and guide us. Isn't that what we want from our prayers, that complete confidence that God is listening and will guide us in his ways and in his time? We may not want that at the moment, but I would dare to believe that in the end, that is truly what we want, for God's will to be done.

I understand that this idea of though prayers may take a little getting used to for some. On the other hand, perhaps some of my audience is already participating in these types of prayers, and never really was able to name what they were doing. I encourage those of you that are already doing these types of prayers to continue to do so and I hope that you're richly blessed in your continuation of this practice. For those of us who are a bit slower in starting this practice, I hope that the Holy Spirit can guide us all as we continue to offer prayers, whatever the reason and for whatever situation, to a heavenly father who hears all our prayers. I pray that the prayers that we raise may be a "sweet, sweet sound in his ear."

The Wheeled Worshiper

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