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First Blog

First Blog



The Snow Globe

August 15, 2020
By The Wheeled Worshiper

Admittedly, it felt like living in a snow globe for a month or more. Perhaps it did to you as well. What am I referring to? I'm referencing the time that we were limited to our homes, possibly an occasional store, and maybe the doctor if needed. That may seem like it was sages ago, but it was only a few short months and for some the limitations are still ongoing and have recently been reinforced.

Now some of us have gotten out a little more. We've gone to a few more stores, the occasional restaurant and perhaps have attended Sunday services for the first time in a long time. We know these places fairly well, but some things that we see in our world are new and different. Riots and protests, the removal of Confederate statues and other artifacts, the raising up of many voices as one united front, these are different and new, and they continue to reverberate around society today as we know it.

As we observe some ongoing battles for causes and the proclamation of the rights of all, I've come to realize one thing: while we may have been sheltered in our globe of familiarity, routine and simple life, God is and was active. It's like the snow particles found in a snow globe. If you shake the globe to get the snow moving, it doesn't just effect one particle. Instead, the particles all float down, creating the effect of looking like snow.

While we were in our own little bubble, God started the process of shaking up his world for his purposes. He foreknew these events were to happen, and he knows the impact they will have on everyone including the church. He knew that at a time when people would be together in their homes, would be a good time to begin the transformation process. He doesn't condone what happened with any police brutality, killing, or any sin. Instead, he uses it to help change his world for his glory and for the betterment of his people.

Now that some of us have begun to reengage with the world, what is our role in all these moments? What I would say is to stay in your own "globe." This isn't meant as a commitment to be disengaged with what is happening. No instead, it is a call to action to begin in your own corner of the world. It is always said that God placed you where he did for a reason, and that is never truer as it is now. We know who God is and what he desires for us. We can begin to share that message with those in our communities. In doing so, perhaps they reach out to their own communities and carry the message forward. We don't need a cause of the masses to influence our actions. We carry the cause of Christ and him crucified as the reason for why we proclaim. May God use our simple and straightforward message to not only impact our small corner, but be able to reach across the world and glove with His message.

The Wheeled Worshiper