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First Blog



The Christmas Program

December 15, 2019
By The Wheeled Worshiper

Beside the many parties and other events that surround this Christmas one of the staples of the year is the Christmas program. There are Christmas programs at schools, day cares, churches, and community centers. Members are young, old, and any age in between. The story of Christmas is told in plays, memorized Scripture, and creatively written songs that still seem to tell the truth and story of the birth of Christ.

I'm sure those of your readers who are parents, grandparents, or active community members have attended your fair share of programs over this past month. Each of these events is a unique and special moment in the life of children, and adults, memories that can range from the kid who pulled faces during the song, to the kid who fainted near the end. And of course, we all can recall how well the participants shared the message that particular year.

It's hard to imagine how many Christmas programs one has attended in his or her lifetime or even participated in for that matter. For many of us, I daresay it is getting close to 100 or more events that we have participated in. It may lead one to ask the question of why. Why do we need to have a Christmas program every year? I'm sure that the younger members may ask that same question as each year they must learn a new group of songs, a new verse, and make sure to save the best outfit for that night.

I've come to the conclusion about the fact that we continue to have and participate in multiple Christmas programs each year. I think that although the audience is filled with grandparents, parents, and friends at almost every show, God does provide the opportunity for someone who may not know the Christmas story that well to hear it in its entirety. I can't prove that this is true, but I dare to believe that not everyone that attends Christmas programs understands Christmas and what it means. Perhaps they were looking for an opportunity to go out. They may have been dragged along by a friend or family member. Or maybe they felt the responsibility to be a good community member and attend the event. For whatever the reason, they are here now and we have the opportunity to share with them the message for Christ coming to earth.

So, sing "Joy to the World" at least one more time. Recite that verse of the Christmas story once again. You never know who may be tuning in to hear it perhaps for the first time and understanding for the first time as well. Here's to that one person in the audience who may be new to the story of Christmas and the overall story of Jesus coming to save. I pray that this opportunity won't be missed and they can begin their journey with and in Christ. Here's to the Christmas program, one of the most unique and interesting ways to tell the story of Christ's birth to a new audience.

The Wheeler Worshiper