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First Blog



Sunday's Coming

March 15, 2021
By The Wheeled Worshiper

We are getting ever so closer to Lent and the celebration of Easter. To focus on these moments many people begin to post pictures on social media and elsewhere of crosses, pictures of empty graves, Bible verses, etc. One of the more popular commemorations of Easter is the use of the phrase "It's Friday, but Sunday's coming". This is of course in reference to Good Friday when Jesus died on the cross. Many people think that this is the end of the story, but as Christians we know the full story. On Easter Sunday, Jesus arose from the dead to complete the work that he had been called to do on earth.

This phrase has been used in a variety of ways to celebrate Christ's rising from the dead. There are numerous songs, sermons, and other ways that this moment is highlighted. It is an especially joyous thing to share with others, both fellow Christians and those who may not know the full story. It is a reminder of the power of God and that death has no hold on him and his work. What a great reminder for us all during this Easter season!

As I think about this phrase, I am struck by the fact that this phrase can be used not just as we celebrate the Easter holiday. Instead, this phrase can be used in many times in many places, especially the "Sunday's coming" part. Think back on your life, perhaps just this week. You may be having a not so good week. Your work is slow, your creative thoughts don't seem to be as readily available as they usually are. You may be working through a tough relationship where you and someone else doesn't see eye to eye. You may have a myriad of other circumstances that just don't seem perfect in your life right now. What can you do? You can choose to look forward because "Sunday's Coming."

Just because it will be Sunday doesn't mean all your problems go away, it doesn't many your relationship improve or your creative ideas once again resurface. What it does mean however is that you have the opportunity to come before the face of God in worship. It is an opportunity to hear from him, praise him, and reset yourself before his face, where he ultimately wants you to be. It is a period of readjustment, a repositioning so that among all the other things in your life, God is at the center. It may not be complete overnight change, but it is a start to refocus yourself on God and lean on him for all things.

The anticipation of this day can be the start of the opportunity to refocus on God. Once you have been re-centered and have been given new opportunities for grace and strength from your heavenly father, your world can change. Your outlook can be different, knowing that whatever happens in your life, God is in control. "Sunday's coming." May that not only serve as a reminder fo whom we serve, but may the phrase serve as heavenly motivation for us to refocus once again on God and prepare ourselves for the gifts of grace, His Word, and his leading that will again be offered to us on Sunday.

The Wheeled Worshiper