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First Blog

First Blog



Subtle Change

November 15, 2020
By The Wheeled Worshiper

We seem to live in a world of constants. The election is constantly discussed and analyzed. The coronavirus is constantly around every corner. Tractor and farm equipment seem to be on the roads at every turn. With these three instances, they are guaranteed to remain at least for a time. We don't see any change on the horizon. Even as I write this article, I received another phone call from some political group. It's become so commonplace to not even pick up the phone anymore when they call.

Perhaps you have noticed these constants in your life also. You also may be able to even add a few more constants to the list. While routine and normalcy which these constants often provide is good for us, we all appreciate a little change; even if that change is very subtle. Perhaps today with no political phone calls is a nice respite from the normal. Some numbers that tell us that the coronavirus cases have gone down is welcome news. An empty road with no tractors or farm equipment is a nice change of pace. But perhaps there is even more of a subtle change happening then we fail to realize. It is the beginning of fall after all.

What! It's the beginning of fall! Yes, perhaps that did slip by us as we continued on with our lives. However, those subtle changes were happening all around us, from the leaves changing color, to the air being a little crisper causing us to don that jacket. Even a stark reminder of the empty fields around us show that fall is here.

We often want the big changes in life, the lightening bolt moments where God sends us what we want, right now, right here. But as we often forget, God works sometimes in a more subtle variety. The changing of seasons from summer to fall is just one of the many examples that we can highlight in regard to the ways our God works. Yes, there will be times when he chooses to use a big event to shape us, however, that does not exclude him from using the small and subtle things to make a point, sometimes a very obvious one.

Those constant things I mentioned earlier are not just left alone. It may seem that way for many of us. Instead, they are controlled and orchestrated by God who cares about even the most subtle changes. Our God can do something that many of us cannot, hold the big picture in view while remembering to focus on the small things. For most of us, to do that takes a Herculean effort or many hands. But we have a God who is in control of it all! How much more than should we hand everything off in life to him!

I hope this encourages us all to appreciate the God we serve and also to remember that he is working on the small details and subtle changes within the bigger picture of our lives. He is continually working through his creation for our betterment. Life may seem chaotic at times, but we have a God who is constantly working out the details. I pray that this allows us to put our complete trust in him for everything.

The Wheeled Worshiper