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First Blog

First Blog



Recapping the Covenants

March 01, 2020
By Pastor Matt

For our March newsletter I wanted to recap the covenants that we have walked through in our Am series thus far and also speak of those we will cover all the way through Easter.

Covenant to Work: This covenant was given to Adam and Eve in the perfection of the garden and remains in place even with the Fall into sin. That we as humanity were designed by God to work for him in his world. Text: Gen 1:28-30, 2:15-17

Covenant of Promised Grace: This covenant was also given directly to Adam and Eve in the moments after their Fall into sin. This covenant points us to the promised grace of Christ Jesus coming and paying the ultimate death on the cross. Gen 3

Covenant of Rescue: This covenant was given to Noah and by extension to us. This includes a repetition of the call to work and the call of God’s grace given to Adam and Eve and by extension to us. With the additional promise to never destroy the world again with a flood! God promises this with the sign that hangs in the heavens above--his Rainbow! Gen 6:5-22, 9:8-17

Covenant of Blessing: This covenant is given to Abraham and also extends to us as Abraham’s adopted children brought in by the blood of Christ, that proves the blessings of God have been extended to many nations. Gen 15:9-21, 17:1-27

Covenant of Law: This is the covenant given to Moses and the people of Israel in the wilderness which we are called to keep through Christ Jesus. Ex. 19-20

Covenant of Kingship: This is the covenant given to King David that he will always have someone on the throne of his chosen People which is fulfilled in the Lord Jesus. 2 Sam 7

Covenant of Spirit: This is the covenant given to the prophet Jeremiah in which he says the people going to Babylon that day will come where he will write his Word on our hearts, He will be our God, and we will be his people: Jer:31:31-33

In addition, from the New Testament we will walk through John’s gospel as Jesus himself walks us through:

  • being children of the covenant
  • belief in the covenants
  • sharing the news of the covenants with the world
  • the covenant of blood
  • the power that the covenants bring


Pastor Matt