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First Blog



Pray, Educate, and Vote

December 15, 2020
By The Wheeled Worshiper

Another election season can be added to the history books. I don't recall every being part of an election that hd so much going on at one time. As always, candidates won and lost and some races were too close to call and had to go to runoff votes. Also, there always seems to be the case that as voters, we are definitely sure our candidates will win. How could they not? They seem to stand on the right side of things and will get the most done if elected. For one part of the country that dream dies as we see another person get elected. We recognize and understand that we will have four years until we get the opportunity to vote again. So, what do we do in the meantime between now and 2024?

There are many things that we can do including getting involved in politics at the local and state level, either by volunteering or running for office. I encourage those who feel led by God to take the opportunity to at least explore entering into political office. As Christians, I think that there are three things that we can to. These things are not hard to do, in fact I think we all can do them. The three things I think that we can do as Christians is pray, educate, and vote

Prayer is important in all areas of life including politics. We have the right and the privilege to pray to God, and we can ask him for his wisdom to guide our politicians, no matter their side of the aisle. We can pray to God knowing and believing that he has the best interests of America, and he will use whomever to accomplish his purposes. It may no seem that way, but we know that God can use anyone. We can pray that he will continue to guide our nation in these next four years.

We can also educate ourselves about the issues and new candidates for office. That way when we do vote we can be informed on the issues and the people in our government. This doesn't just apply to presidential races. It can apply to every race and opportunity for new policies and things that are implemented by the government. We can also educate our senators and representatives, so they are aware of things that are happening in our state and can better serve us. Giving these government officials feedback is important so that they can help make not only our state, but the country better. I would think that would be something we all would want.

Then we have to take the opportunity and vote. When we have prayed about the candidates running for office, educated ourselves on who they are, what they stand for; we can take that to the polls and vote, believing that God is in control. Again, these are not groundbreaking and life-changing things to do. Instead, they are simple steps that we can take as Christians to be the best citizens that we can be as we exercise the privilege of voting. Ultimately, God is in control, and we can be his representatives here on earth. I pray that God can use all of us through the privilege of voting to make his world more Christlike.

The Wheeled Worshipper