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First Blog



Never Forsaken

February 15, 2021
By The Wheeled Worshiper

The coronavirus has affected us all in some ways. Either you know someone who had it, has it now, or you yourself have had it. It doesn't seem to be swayed by health and strength, diet choices, or any other factor you want to put with it. Whenever we think we have the edge and understanding of whom the virus affects, we are mistaken when it impacts someone else. Even doctors and scientists who study these types of viruses and other diseases don't always seem to have all the answers.

There have been times since this virus arrived in our country that perhaps we have wondered where the end was. What was the end date for this virus? When would we get back to normal? Would it occur at the beginning of the new year? Or would we have to wait even longer? Perhaps these are some questions that have been going through your mind throughout this pandemic. You wonder when the answers will come and you pray that relief will soon appear. In the midst of all the questions, those answered and unanswered, we should take time to recognize that we follow a God that will never forsake us.

How do I know this and how should we view this? I know this because for myself, as well as for many of you, God has already answered, even perhaps partially answered some of your questions and concerns. He allowed your family to get through a year of homeschooling. He provided comfort in an uncertain moment. He gave you the needed confidence to go about your day-to-day life when you didn't think it was possible. These are just some small ways that God has shown us he has never forsaken us.

Among those ways, there is an even bigger way that God has shown us he never forsakes us, he has answered our prayers in regard to creating a vaccine to combat the virus. I know this has been a prayer on my heart since the day we first heard about COVID 19 and I know it has been a prayer on many of your hearts as well. This vaccine should not stand out as a reason to follow God and trust in him, instead it should serve as a continuing reminder of the great God that we serve.

I pray that we can be reminded through the small events and moments as well as the bigger events that God never forsakes us. What greater picture do we have of that then the giving of his son Jesus Christ on the cross. Ultimately in that act, God showed us that he will never forsake us. What a great reminder for us all that in Christ and through him we are never forsaken, but are considered family members of God!

The Wheeled Worshipper