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First Blog



Last Minute Gifts

January 15, 2021
By The Wheeled Worshiper

Are you considered the last-minute giver? This question may come with bad connotations, perhaps you are thinking of someone who waits until the last minute to buy a gift for someone without any real thought or reason for why the gift is given. Perhaps you know of someone who is a last-minute giver and you experienced their style of giving this Christmas. On the other hand, however, these bad connotations don't have to always stick to the person. Maybe this person takes so much time and energy considering what to give that it almost always seems like a last-minute thing. You don't recognize the energy and effort, the thought and trials it took for this person to buy you a gift. Perhaps you have experienced this type of person and giving as well.

Thankfully when it comes to the gift of salvation, God is not a last-minute giver. He knew before the creation of the world that he was going to send his son to die for humanity on the cross. He understood we are his created beings and what it would require of him to save us. This act of God and the foreknowledge he had gives me great comfort. It reminds me that God knows how everything is going to play out, for the small to the great. You may play a role in the activities of God, but you don't have to worry about your lines or what you have to do. God knows before the event or action ever takes place.

Should this cause us to change our giving style? It doesn't necessarily have to. What it does for us, however, is reminded us all once again that no matter who we are, we are here because God has plans for us. His plan does not depend on your abilities, skills, or even understanding. His plan calls for us to allow him to work in us for his glory. This may seem wrong to our earthly thinking brains, in order for us to accomplish a task we need to know the background. Has God ever shared the details with his people about his plans and has our thoughts, ideas, and objections ever changed the main mission? We all know the answer to those questions and the answer is no.

So whatever category of a person you characterize yourself as, it doesn't matter to God. God knows your place in his plans, not only for your life but also for his world. We can be thankful that the gift of salvation is and never has been a last-minute gift; instead was a gift that was planned before the creation of the world. Wouldn't you rather be a part of the plan that has the backing of God and the workings of the Trinity then be a part of any man-made plan? I know I would. I pray that God will give us all humility and willingness to be a part of his plan when we are called to do so. I will go in the with the knowledge and trust that God has all things worked out and that his plans are not last-minute decisions or based on whims. I will go as part of God's plan with the understanding that he is continually working and leading and that he is in control of all things.

The Wheeled Worshipper