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First Blog



Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2020?

January 01, 2020
By Pastor Matt

Twenty years ago, the whole world was on the edge of its seats wondering if technology was going to implode, for what was known as Y2K. As computers had to have the year begin with a 2 instead of a 1. Everyone was in meltdown mode for that event. Which in retrospect seems silly now, we might even shake our heads at the anxiety of those moments now because hindsight is always 20/20.

But as we enter the year of our Lord 2020, we are called not only to have hindsight, that is perfect in its sight, we will be called over and over in this year to have the sight our lives focused on the perfect will and vision of the Heavenly Father found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Having our clear, 20/20 vision on the Lord will be our theme for the coming year and each of our AM services will aid in sharpening our clarity on the Lord. To this end we will begin the year with the reminder that we have been given a new identity from 2 Cor. 5, which calls us to be ambassadors for the gospel. With this foundation, we will move through the Covenants that God Triune has given to his people.

Following this with the teaching of Christ from the Gospels for Lent and then on to the work of Christ's church for a lengthy series in Acts. We will speak of how much good this visioning has done for us from the gospel of Matthew in October.

November, we will hear Paul from Romans calling our eyes to remain fixed on the Lord and the Gospel of John will round out our year in Advent in this theme as well. It is my prayer as we look forward to the coming year that our vision in Christ would grow. That our lives would reflect Jesus clearly that all who look at us would see Jesus completely. Join us, by putting on the spectacles of scripture to increase your joy and your vision in the coming year, 2020.


Pastor Matt

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