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Evangelism Grows the Kingdom of God

October 01, 2020
By Pastor Matt

As we have been walking through the book of Acts, we have seen the historical growth of the church in the first century. From the days of Pentecost, Jerusalem was stirred with the gospel of Christ Jesus to go into all nations and make him known among all peoples, baptizing them and teaching them everything the Lord Jesus commanded till the end of the age.

Though slow at first, the church of the first century began to do that. The church grew outside of Jerusalem to the outcast region of Samaria. From there, the gospel went through the proclamation of one man to Ethiopia, to the Philistines, to Caesarea. Paul brought the gospel to Asia minor, to Athens, Rome, and to all who traveled the seas between the ports. The gospel spread individual evangelism sharing the faith from person to person.

This has continued for millennia and beyond reaching all the way to us. Who was the first person in your family to truly follow the Lord Jesus? Was it one generation ago? Two? Ten? What were the circumstances? What were the questions? What was the hardship? Most of us don't know these facts. But we all know the result. Our loved one in a generation past had their questions answered, their fears subsided, their worries of this life and one to come met by the work and name of Jesus Christ, so that they would know him and you would know him; that in knowing him, you too would teach your children's children. Most are doing well, and the kingdom of God is growing in families here. But that success is not where we should stop. We need to press on to speak to others about the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus that more hearts would believe.

Thus, we are encouraged in Acts to join the church universal in being sons and daughters of God who are willing to witness to others the grace and mercy that has touched us, and to do so freely not allowing any barriers to remain in our way so that witnessing and evangelizing would not only be something we do, but in how we live.

In this regard, as we start a new month, I would challenge you to sit down in prayer with God the Spirit and ask for the opportunity to speak about the gospel with 10 people who do not know it. If you don't like numbers, pray for the opportunity to share the gospel with just one person this month.

In that prayer with the Lord, pray for His peace to wash over your heart. Pray for His answers to come to answer the questions of the faith. Pray for His work to come out in your work. Pray for the kingdom of God to come and for the kingdom of God to grow. Pray that your own commitment to Christ would grow with each word of truth you speak.


Pastor Matt