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First Blog



Donate Life Month

May 15, 2017
By The Wheeled Worshipper

Recently, I found out that April is Donate Life Month. This causes us all to remember once again that millions of people are donors and also look at and communicate with the millions of popele that are still alive today because of donors and the sacrifices they gave. Perhaps you know of someone who was a donor or perhaps you have been the recipient of a donor's sacrifice. We are grateful for that sacrifice and grateful that you are here with us today.

What greater thing can we donate then the human body? It may seem strange at first to think of someone else using your eyes, heart, and other body parts. But in the end, it is a continuation, not of your life, but a continuation of your organs to continue someone else's life. Part of you is carried on in someone else when you become a donor. What an amazing thought?

In the month of April, we also get to celebrate and remember the life of someone else, someone who is far greater than any human being. We get to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ as it flows through each of us because of his death on the cross. Jesus, however, did not just donate his body and blood. He didn't just sign a piece of paper that said that when he died, his organs would go to someone else. No, instead, he willingly gave of himself for us. He knew from the very beginning of his life that he would have to suffer and die on the cross. And in his death, he gave us life.

Again, what an amazing thought! What great love and sacrifice was shown on Good Friday as he willingly gave up his spirit and died for each of us. As Christians, we now carry a part of him with us as we continue. We have the opportunity to share part of that love with others. What a great responsibility!

The reaction some have when understanding that a complete stranger donated parts of their body to them is sometimes overwhelming for the recipient. All seem to have tremendous gratitude for what they have been given, an opportunity on behalf of someone else to continue to live their life. How much more as Christians should we have gratitude for the one who gave us life and gave us continuous eternal life?

I pray that not only during this month as we remember donors and recipients, but all throughout the year, we remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all of us. Without him we would be dead, just like the recipients of organ donors would be. With him, we have the opportunity for new life. It's a life that can be rich, abundant, and overwhelming when you realize the great gift we have all been given. May we openly express our gratitude to the one who has given us new life and may we share our stories of salvation in him with others.

The Wheeled Worshipper