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First Blog



Coming Together after the Coronavirus

August 15, 2021
By The Wheeled Worshiper

Sometimes when you look back at life you realize that God truly had a plan all along. That's the way I feel about the Olympics. The Olympics could have been postponed until the next year they were supposed to come around, which is 2024. But throughout a global pandemic that affected countless lives, plans, and dreams for many around the country, the Olympics persevered. As of this writing, we are now only a few weeks away from the opening ceremonies.

I see this upcoming Olympics as God's way of allowing us all to come together, whether athletes or spectators, to take enjoyment in and give him praise for the abilities and talents he has given to many athletes. This is not a call to put the athlete in the place of God. Instead, it is an opportunity for us to marvel at our fellow man and women and how God created them. I'm hopeful that these Olympics can serve as a way for the world to reconnect after being so apart due to the pandemic.

As Christians and the church community, we too can serve as a bridge and a way to come together, first as Christians and as the greater community. Just like the Olympics, the pandemic altered the way we were together as the church community. Vaccines are now available and we can continue to return to church as we knew it. This is a perfect opportunity as we return to a sense of normal each Sunday and throughout the week. It is also a great opportunity for us to gently introduce church or reacquaint those with church who may have left it during the pandemic or even before.

I'm hopeful that just like in the Olympics, we can come together, those who have been a lifelong worshipper, those who have just left recently, and those new to the faith. I pray that we all can come together and celebrate one another for the gifts and talents that we have been given by God. I pray that we can have the opportunities to show one another where their gifts and talents can be used in God's kingdom and his church. 

At the beginning and ending of the Olympics, they have the opening and closing ceremonies. I enjoy both of these ceremonies, but today I want to focus on the closing ceremony. In this ceremony the athletes who have won medals get to parade in front of a worldwide audience. They get to stand up and be recognized for their accomplishments. We too will have a day like that. However, instead of a medal around our necks we will have the blood of the Lamb on our person to mark us as "winning" the final victory. In that last sentence, I put winning in quotation marks for a very important reason. We are not like the Olympic athletes who through hard work and dedication, perform a skill, and then possibly get a medal based off of that performance. We did none of the work. Instead, Christ by his sacrifice on the cross did all the work for us. All we have to do is accept his gift. Then we can join with the rest of the world of believers someday in heaven, worshiping and praising our Heavenly Father for what he has done. It will be far greater than any Olympics ever that man could put on. It is an invitation to worship and be with our Savior Jesus Christ for all eternity. In my book, that's better than any medal or Olympic ceremonies that I could ever receive or have the opportunity to watch. 

The Wheeled Worshiper