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First Blog



Church Community with Talent

March 15, 2020
By The Wheeled Worshiper

I get asked this question on occasion and I may have relayed it in conversations also. I am asked, “How did you become a writer?” I could go a lot of different directions with my answer, but one of the instances I think back to often is the asking of another question by someone who wanted to add something to the church newsletter. This person asked me, “Would you care to write something each month for the newsletter?” Admittedly, at the time I did not know what I was getting myself into and what enjoyment I would receive in sharing some insights in this way. Now as I sit here in February 2020, I have written numerous columns for various publications and my passion and enjoyment of writing is still going strong.

Why do I share this anecdote? Because I think what happened to me is something that can happen in a lot of churches. If you would have asked me if I would like to be a writer, before the above conversation, I would have said an emphatic no. However, I took the challenge and opportunity to write just one column and found that I have a God-given talent and ability to write. Can the same be said for the rest of us regarding undeveloped skills and passions? I truly think it can.

We all know that we have people in church that are talented in various ways. People in choir, video and sound, and PowerPoint presentations used in services are just small examples of the many ways that people share their talent within the church community. However, I believe there are people like myself who need that little nudge, conversation, or encouraging remark to turn them into people of service with their talents in the church. Someone may have a passion for reading about missions and may even have participated in a few mission trips themselves. Perhaps that person can be a part of the mission committee of the church. Maybe there is someone else who enjoys working with children. Perhaps they can be a part of Sunday school help or children’s church. These are just two examples of how a passion that someone has can be turned into an activity that benefits the regular congregation as well as the guests and visitors who attend.

I truly believe that my church and all the rest of the churches have talented people already serving them as well as many people who are just waiting for the opportunity and may not even know where they fit in yet. I pray that God directs them to their calling in the life of the church and that he uses them for his glory and the ultimate betterment of his world. God has placed us in our church communities because he knows that we can be of service to him in that place. What a great and awesome responsibility we have! Even more so, what enjoyment we can have in discovering and seeing the God-given gifts and talents of so many? It may start with a simple question, or it may be an action taken by someone else that stirs the passion. Whatever it is I know that God is waiting and ready to use all of us for his purpose and glory.


The Wheeled Worshiper