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First Blog



Christ amid COVID-19

June 15, 2020
By The Wheeled Worshiper

"There's light at the end of the tunnel." This phrase is often repeated by friends and maybe even participants of a traumatic experience or moment in life. This phrase is meant to convey that there is hope coming, that there is an end in sight, that relief is on its way. It is meant to provide hope, bring joy, and ultimately comfort. Perhaps this phrase has been used during this current crisis of the coronavirus. Perhaps it has been said in many ways, not really believing that there is an end to this current crisis.

As Christians, however, we can look at this phrase and the whole pandemic in a different way. We know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, this light is guiding us as we walk through the tunnel into the future. This light is known as Jesus Christ and his guiding Holy Spirit walks with us as we go through pandemics, deaths, births, and every event in between. We can hold onto the promises that God has for us because of Jesus Christ. In turn, that should make our walk a little bit lighter.

It's important to note here and realize that belief in Jesus Christ and a walk with him aren't some magical words we can say or a mindset that we can adopt. No, belief in Christ is a lifelong journey that if we accept Jesus, we walk hand-in-hand with him. This is what confuses so many in our world today. They think that Jesus is just some quick fix, some 10 second solution to a problem. In reality, we know that he is the solution to all of our problems including the coronavirus. He isn't a cure, but he is the cure for sin. He is in control of the pandemic and that should bring us comfort in any situation.

Some may say that if God is in control why does he not just rid the world of the pandemic and every other bad thing. I don't know if I fully know the answer to this question, but I do know that he can use even the worst of the worldly situations to bring his glory and I know that he is doing just that. From the acts of kindness shown by many, to the love shown by doctors and nurses caring for the sick, these people and actions are small examples of what Christ did for us. Let's celebrate these moments and continue to work to be a part of them. In this way, we can begin to show the love of Christ, hopefully leading others to a relationship with him.

As we go forward, we go forward in the understanding and belief that Christ is amid COVID-19. He isn't looking far into the future, or highlighting a moment from the past, he is here with us in this present moment. While he does have control over the future and was a part of the past, he desires to be with us here in this moment as we as his people live amid the coronavirus. If only everyone could share this hope and peace. I pray that we all can be examples of Christ in whatever situations we are in. It may not be an overnight transformation of a relationship with Christ but it can begin to be the start of a journey for some toward the cross. May we all be able to return there reminding ourselves who is with us in these moments. Ultimately, he will carry us and he will lead us through anything that life may have to offer.

The Wheeled Worshiper