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First Blog



Changing with God

June 15, 2021
By The Wheeled Worshiper

In previous columns, I have written about graduations being a turning point and a beginning to a new future. These significant milestones signal that change is coming. After you graduate from high school, you don't get to show up the first day of the next school year in August and start all over again. We move on, we take in the next challenge, take the next step forward in our journey of life. This may be easy and even necessary when we graduate from an institution of learning. But what happens in normal life when change is possible? How do we know what to do then?

It is difficult to fully answer that question because every situation is different. Do you stay in the same job that's treated you well for 10 years or do you go to the unknown job that pays you more money? Do you uproot your life to go to another job or even another career? Of course, these decisions are most often discussed with family, friends, and loved ones. In fact, these decisions may affect those people in your life. But most often, we seem to neglect one central figure. Yes, we may offer a quick prayer every once in a while, for guidance, but then we put him off to the side, focusing on the things that we can see, the numbers, the offers, the pros and cons, etc. Meanwhile, we neglect the person that can see your life completely from beginning to end.

We may spend hours, days, even months making big life career altering decisions. We have a God who has your whole life planned out. He didn't just plan the first 30 years and then wait for those to play out and then go on to the next 30. No, he has the day of our birth marked out all the way until the day of our death. This doesn't mean he allows us to know everything that is going to happen in our lives, but he does give us the one thing that we often lack during the decision-making times: confidence. This is confidence that if we consult with God, whatever decision we make will be for his glory and purpose. We can change with him knowing that he has plans for us beyond our wildest dreams and comprehension.

So what does that leave us to do when big decisions arise? It can start with a simple prayer of “Lord, I have a decision to make, and I am trusting you to help guide me in this decision-making process. You know what you have planned for my life. I ask that you give me confidence and peace in making this decision and that you use whatever decision is made for your honor and glory.” When you start with the simple prayer and handing the decision-making over to a God who know what's next, you give of yourself to him and his purposes and plans for your life. And in the end, you both win as he puts you in a position to use your talents and gifts while he allows his kingdom to continue to grow through you. That's a win that could perhaps benefit millions of people around the world for the glory of Christ.

The Wheeled Worshiper