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First Blog



Be Prepared

January 01, 2021
By Pastor Matt

As 2020 comes to an end, and we look for better and brighter things in 2021, it is good in these moments to reflect on what God has done. We have seen His Sovereign Will and Plan in all its fullness play out in the year that was and how God has used this year as a season of preparation for what is to come.

In 2020, our theme was to keep our eyes on Jesus no matter what. Throughout the year, that call of keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus was tested in countless ways that many, if not all of us, were unprepared for. But now in this coming year of our Lord 2021, we are being prepared in Christ and in faith like never before.

We see this theme come alive as we continue in the first chapter of John's gospel for our family visiting text this year. I would encourage us all to read John 1:19-28 as John continues to point others to Jesus. He does so prepared for their questions with something to say about himself and something to say about the Lord Jesus.

It is the prayer of the Council that you would also be as prepared to speak of the Lord Jesus to the waiting, watching, and often wandering world; the world that is looking for direction; the world that is looking for answers; the world that needs you to be prepared for the second advent of Christ to earth just as you have celebrated his birth.

It is in the certain hope and joy of the truth and grace of Christ that prepares us in heart to go to the world of doubt. It is the love and peace of Christ that prepares us for the wars and battles that will be fought. It is the Sovereignty of our Father's Will that keeps our spirits high and our hands at work. It is the presence of the Holy Spirit within us that gives us the strength and wisdom to endure personally, as the Church local, as the denomination drawn in, and as the Church universal.

For all that we are prepared to do is to make the Name and Kingdom of Christ known. That is our mission. That is our task. That is what we are being prepared for in Christ Jesus, our Savior, our Brother, and our King.

Be prepared in 2021 for His work!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in the Lord!


Pastor Matt