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First Blog




December 01, 2020
By Pastor Matt

As we enter the Advent season this year, we will be studying from the first chapter of John's gospel for our AM series. In this chapter, John takes us all the way back to the beginning of time when it was only the Lord Triune and nothing more.

In the grace of design and the love for beauty, John says the creation was called into being by the three persons of the Godhead. There was light, and John declares there was darkness that could not understand the light. In other words, sin came in. Sin came in by the actions of creatures less than God who were convinced that they could be god without Him.

They chased the darkness until in their darkness people could no longer understand the light. Even when Advent occurred, the earth people were unwilling to see him. They were unwilling to hear him. Eventually they killed him. Not because he wasn't kind enough. Not because he didn't love people enough. No, Jesus died at the hands of sinful men because in Jesus was the light of glory that they could not understand. For darkness cannot understand light. Darkness cannot understand truth. Darkness cannot understand advent.

Yet, John says to the darkness of the world, darkness came. As vs. 14 reads, "The Word became Flesh and made his dwelling among us." Christ came in their way to show the grace and truth of God, as God residing in the flesh of man.

That is why this season of the year feels different to our minds, our hearts, and our souls. This is a season of waiting. A season that God has designed amidst the garland and bows, candles and carols, gifts and sweets, to be a time for us to be made aware again that the God we serve is the God who lives.

Our God is the active God of the past as we hear the prophecies of his coming. He is the protector of the present with the presence of his Spirit as our daily guide. He is the preserver of the future where the anchor of our faith resides as we await the final advent to dawn and never set.

As we look for that final day where we will see the Lord Jesus in all Glory by the side of the Father, we are invited in this season to come and wait. To come in expectation and hope. We come into this season desiring to be disciplined and changed by the sights, lights, and the songs, and that we would be ready for the ultimate gift of our Savior Jesus who came that we would be saved.

Come in preparation this year for the coming of the King whose second advent is near even as we celebrate His first advent in the past. Come this year and give Glory to the King that your heart would sing.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Matt