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First Blog

First Blog



Action Steps This Week

April 30, 2017
By Pastor Matt

1.  Take 15 minutes to examine your heart level for God's love, is it overflowing or not?

2.  Invite yourself to be available for people.

3.  Pray for someone you have never prayed for before.

4.  Sit down and do devotions at mealtime every night this week.

5.  Make yourself available to participate here.


He Accepts & Adopts us into His family!

He seeks what is Best and Beautiful for us.

He Created you to Cherish you!

He Dearly loves you.

He is your greatest Encourager!

He Forgives, and Frees you from sin!

He Gets what you are going through!

He Helps and Holds you in His Hands!

He Intercedes for you!

He is Just!

He Knows! everything about you!

He Loves to Love you!

You Matter to him!

He wants to Nurture you!

He has Opened heaven for you!

He Pursues you!

He alone has Qualified you for heaven!

He Rescues you!

He Strengthens, Shields & Sees you!

He wants to Transform you!

He Upholds and Understands you!

He Values you!

His love brings Worship from you!

His heart eXplodes love for you!

He has made YOU holy!

He is Zealous for your heart!