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Sunday Worship, 9:30AM and 6:00PM

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  First CRC is located at 1401 16th St. in Rock Valley, Iowa. We are neighbors with the local Christian grade school of Rock Valley Christian School, and sometimes use that facility for events throughout the year.

  There is plenty of parking available in front of and behind the church. Find a spot and come on in! Once inside, you can grab a bulletin, and sit either on the ground level or balcony of the sanctuary, or if you come a little late you can sit in our fellowship hall. If you are interested in getting the same mail that members receive you may gladly take some out of the unused mailboxes in the back of church.

  Church service starts at around 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings and 6 PM Sunday evenings. If you feel lost throughout the service, follow the bulletin, or what is written up on the PowerPoint. Most of the time we follow exactly what is written in the bulletin, and the times we don't is usually noted by the pastor and in the bulletin.

  After church, stay around and please let us get to know you! Every Sunday morning, there is coffee available, so if you like, come and pour yourself a cup! On the third Sunday of the month, we invite you to share in a time of fellowship with us in our fellowship hall where we have cookies and juice! Also on the first and third Sunday of the month, we have Hymn Sing, where the praise team leads us in singing a few songs before the service, which is sometimes followed by a special number.

   This is just a taste of what happens on Sundays at First CRC! We encourage you to visit us and see what we are all about! If you currently are searching for a church home in the Rock Valley area, we invite you to worship with us! Above all we hope that our God works in us all as we worship and serve him as members and visitors of First CRC!